Restful piazza at the Citta' Sant'Angelo VillageNow you can add serious shopping to sightseeing, swimming and sunbathing on your Abruzzo holiday at the region’s first retail outlet shopping village.

Art treasures, museums, Roman ruins, sweeping country vistas and cities dripping with culture are all very noble and mind-enriching, but on the other hand, let’s not forget either that Italy’s also a country of fashion, flair and fun and that the best way to experience this is to go SHOPPING !

There’s the shopping that involves edging your way down Rome’s Via Condotti and wondering just who can afford a handkerchief that costs €1000, even if it is made by Vermani e Banana.

And there’s regular Abruzzo shopping in perfectly nice shops in perfectly nice towns, which is all just perfectly fine except that it doesn’t quite fit the bill of the total immersion shopping experience.

A real Italian village style - with great shops !Which is why you’ll really appreciate the arrival of the Citta’ Sant’Angelo Village just to the north of Pescara, which provides a turbo-charged, price-slashed, Abruzzo shopping experience.

About 100 retail outlets (with another 50 or 60 opening imminently); mainly devoted to men’s and women’s fashion, shoes, bags and accessories; (and a few to household goods too – but who wants to buy a frying-pan on holiday ?); in a setting that can honestly be described as luxurious.

The theme is a highly-stylised and highly-colourful Italian village, dotted with little seat-and-statue’d piazzas and plenty of places to stop for coffee, a drink, or a snack.

And plenty of loos too, of a standard that would shame many a 5-star hotel.Imaginative touches delight the eye

Not wildly busy during the week either, as you can see from the pictures I took at around two o’clock on a Monday afternoon. (Though from the size of the truly massive carpark, which practically spans two different time zones, it must get busy sometime).

Pretty much the only downside is that even heavily-discounted designer prices can still be a touch stiff, but even to my decidedly un-fashionista eye, there were plenty of true bargains just waiting to be plucked from shelves.

Citta’ Sant’Angelo Shopping Village is open from 10am to 8pm every day. It’s an easy 80-minute drive up the coast from Villasfor2 and provides yet another day-out option on your Abruzzo holiday.

For more info, check out the website: