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New ! Special Days at Villasfor2 in Abruzzo !

Abruzzo cookery classes. Tasting at a top Winery. A unique foodie tour round Pescara. Join a secret truffle hunt. Help to harvest the world's most expensive spice. Exciting new experiences for Villasfor2 guests throughout 2018 ! Read More
Learn to cook like a local

A Morning In The Majella

Foraging for pine cones. A mountain walk. A delicate moment rudely interrupted. And a delicious lunch. Just another average autumn morning in the Majella... Read More
FInding your way around the Majella

Confessions of a Wine Blogger

...you couldn’t legislate against Sweetie the Cat wandering into shot behind you; taking a leisurely dump in a flower-bed; and then very carefully and conscientiously covering it all up before exiting stage left.... Read More
One of Italy's best red wines

A is for Apple

OK...an apple is an apple is an apple. Except that growing the perfect English apple in Abruzzo's unforgiving climate can become a bit of an obsession... Read More
The first English apple I've successfully grown in Abruzzo !

Vegging-Out In The Orto

Ignore your Italian neighbours and their veg plots the size of football fields. Keep it small; keep it simple and enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own ! Read More
Tasty home-grown tomatoes

Baking Bread

I patted and prodded it all into a pleasing, oval, loaf shape. Which by the time it finally went into the oven had spread and expanded and flattened out a bit to look like a doughy cow-pat... Read More
Two types of flour. And yeast. Bread's two major ingredients

Abruzzo’s Roman Past

Perhaps I’ve become so used to Abruzzo being a bit off-the-beaten-track, I’d maybe assumed the Romans had never discovered it either... Read More
Columns which originally formed part of a temple