The colours of an Abruzzo October...Last October we were too busy just arriving in Abruzzo – on the 9th to be exact – to take that much notice of what the weather was like. The day after we got here it rained. Then it was OK. And that’s about as far as memory takes me. This year, it’s been different.

This Abruzzo October had a couple of damp, chilly days at the start, but ever since, the weather’s been fantastic: day after unbroken day of clear blue skies; temperatures upwards of 20C/68F; and a pleasant Autumnal nip in the air each evening.    

This Abruzzo October, we’ve had time to enjoy it. Building progress on our new home and your Abruzzo villas for two is good, so we took a day off from the latest task of organising central heating and bathrooms to immerse ourselves in the Autumn scenery of the Majella National Park, which is just spectacular at the moment.

Practically your own private Park !From the Villasfor2 site, we’ve been able to look up and see the slopes of the  Majella National Park slowly changing colour. Too big a temptation to resist. We had to get closer !

There are several ways to drive into the Majella from your Abruzzo villa for two – all easy; all near. We ambled up through Guardiagrele. The roads were empty; the scenery virtually ours alone to enjoy.

The trees become a lacework of light and colourIf you feel like it, you’ll find places to stop for a coffee or a drink as you climb upwards past Bocca di Valle and medieval Pretoro, perched on a near-vertical hillside, and always worth strolling around. 

Climb higher and the forest becomes thicker, cover for the wolves and the bears, the trees becoming a lacework of light and colour in the Autumn sunlight.

We were lazy, just stopping the car to admire the views wherever the mood grabbed us. But if you’re less slothful than we were, you can enjoy some fantastic walks through the Park. 

The colours of Abruzzo OctoberYou’re free to go pretty much anywhere you want, but it’s safer – and ultimately more enjoyable –  to keep to the well-signposted trails taking in easy rambles or challenging hikes. The Majella boasts over 300 miles of walking trails through its 40,000 acres, so it doesn’t get that crowded !

Whether you’re driving or on foot, go high enough – and you’ll eventually emerge through the tree-line and be rewarded with some stunning views.

The russet-clas slopes of the MajellaOn this particular Abruzzo October day, the supreme sight for us was the russet-clad forested slopes that stretched out for miles beneath us.

And if we hadn’t opted for the Majella National Park, we could have spent the day at the beach instead. Yes. Really ! On a Villasfor2 holiday in Abruzzo next year, that wouldn’t be such a bad choice to have for a day out in October – would it ?

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