…or at least the ones that got as far as having their picture taken. (In one instance, twice).   

It seemed so simple…
All (All ?) we were looking for was a property that’d be our new permanent home in Italy and have the space and scope for our plan to open a small-scale villa rental business providing holidays for two. We’d considered:

  • Tuscany. (Couldn’t afford a hole in the ground here. Not even a small one)
  • Umbria. (Nope. Not for us.)
  • Le Marche. (Terrific. But the best properties in the best locations long gone)
  • Abruzzo. (Love at first sight – especially in Chieti province around Casoli)

Trouble was, all you had to do was look at the Ryanair check-in queues at Pescara Airport to realise that a lot of other people had similar ideas…

So We Started Looking
First proper house-hunting trip to Abruzzo was September 06. Then we were back twice in November and twice again in February 07. And then in May. And this is what we saw… 




There really is a house in there somewhere... Actually, this was in Marche. But still...

The first house we tried to buyThe second house we tried to buy

Looks familiar ? The first house we saw twice...The third house we tried to buy

We liked three of these properties enough to try and buy them – only to see each one dribble through our fingers. Why ? Too lengthy to explain here. Maybe I’ll write a separate post about it. But the cold truth was that after nine months and six house-hunting trips, living in Abruzzo – let alone providing villa rentals and holidays for two – was still nothing more than a cherished ambition.

But that all changed at around eleven in the morning of Thursday 10 May, 2007.