We’ve lived in Abruzzo since 2007 – and over the past 10+ years seem to have taken an awful lot of pictures.

Here’s where we’d like to show you our favourites – starting with the photo at the top of this page, showing the nearby town of Orsogna squeezed to a thin white strip between the land and the sky on a threatening January afternoon

And you won’t just find pictures of Abruzzo either, but other bits of Italy too that we’ve managed to sneak off to and see while running Villasfor2.

We’ll be adding new Galleries regularly, so do bookmark the page and drop by regularly.

Hope you enjoy…


I wasn't able to fit every single photo I wanted onto the new website - here are a few of those that just got squeezed out.
(Click on the photos for a full-size view - and if you think any are better than the site pictures that got squeezed in - let me know !)