The olive harvest’s in. The oil’s been pressed. And I have good news and bad news.

Our own delicious olive oil

The bad news is that this year’s crop produced just 75 kilos of olives from our eight trees – compared to 138 kilos last year.

And that was largely due to one tree next to our carpark, which has never been pruned in the five years we’ve been here, yet which dripped olives like big, black grapes and gave us something like 20 kilos.

The good news is that because of – or despite ? –  the scorching summer our olives were so plump and luscious that – topped-up a little with some of Rocco’s first pickings to meet our olive mill’s minimum weight requirements – they produced a record-busting 29 litres of extra-virgin, cold-pressed, unfiltered, organic oil.

And not just any old oil either. Oil that was buonissimo and of altissima qualita’ according to our friend Lorella down at t’mill.

Bearing in mind that we get through about a litre of our own oil a month and need another five litres or so to provide as part of the standard goodies in all our villas throughout the year, question is what are we going to do with the rest of this year’s bounty ?

Answer – we’ll can it and sell it. As we’ve found in the past, little 250ml tins are a perfect take-home gift, or reminder of your Villasfor2 holiday.

TOur own oil. Unfiltered, exra-virgin, organic - and delicious !hey only weigh half-a-kilo, so won’t take-up much your baggage allowance and being in (very attractive) steel cans, are break-proof.

The last bit of good news is that the oil is incredibly good. Tasted literally fresh from the press, it’s grassy and peppery; with quite a distinct herbal note and a wonderful, lustrous greeny-gold colour.

We have three different types of olive among our eight trees, so our blend is unique. And with the trees giving different yields each year, each year’s oil is consequently slightly different to the last.

Test it out on next year’s holiday. Enjoy it trickled over fresh crusty bread, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and with a glass of red wine like an Abruzzese; drizzle it over pasta or fresh vegetables; use it to make the best salad dressing ever.

And if you like it (and we’re sure you will) take a can or two back with you and continue enjoying the Villasfor2 Abruzzo experience at home !