A handful of recent Abruzzo snapshots… 

Lanciano in lights for 'the White Nights'Lanciano in lights for 'the White Nights'Lanciano’s Fabulous Festa
It’s been a hectic few weeks. But nice. Summer in Abruzzo’s notable for the feste and sagre that even the tiniest village manages to squeeze into the calendar and we’ve been busy sampling as many as we can, so we can guide you towards the best when you’re staying with us in your Abruzzo villa for two.

Fireworks at 4am !Lanciano’s extraordinary Notte Bianche – ‘White Nights’ – is on the A-List of  Abruzzo festa. Starting off the festivities is Il Maestrogiurato – an extravaganza of pageantry in full medieval costume. But the heart of Notte Bianche is a dazzling and deafening firework display that starts at 4am – yes, 0400 – on September 14 each year. It’s worth disrupting your body clock and heading for Lanciano to become part of the experience.

Taste Our Local Mozzarella
Come here for the very best local cheeseMade today - our local MozzarellaWe’re very lucky that virtually all the fresh food on sale around here is locally-produced. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to butchers and bakers and the best local cheese comes from the Majella dairy co-operative, just 10 minutes away from your Abruzzo villa for two in the neighbouring village of San Domenico.

The best Mozzarella, tomato and basil saladForget what you’ve read about Buffalo Mozzarella being the best you can buy until you’ve had a chance to taste the local Mozzarella you’ll find here. It’ll have been made that morning and will have a texture and sweetness all of its own. Add a few local tomatoes, a sprig or two of basil and a drizzle of our local unfiltered olive oil for a dish that Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay would fight to call their own. And try the freshly-made Ricotta (sensational drizzled with a little mountain honey). And the Peccorino isn’t bad either – plain, or flavoured with black truffles or chilli.

A Feast of Figs
From tree......to bowl...Yes, it’s true. There are people who don’t like fresh figs. Good, I say. All the more for those of us that do. Nothing quite matches the fudge-like sweetness of a sun-warmed fig, picked and eaten in an instant. If I had to name a favourite Abruzzo food, this’d be among the leading contenders.

We have cuttings from the very fig tree that produced...to mouth ! these succulent fruits ready for planting in the gardens around your Abruzzo villas for two. And they do tend to produce crops very quickly ! 

You’ll find both green and black figs here, according to season. It’s a matter of personal taste, but for me, a ripe black fig, with just a little piece of creamy Gorgonzola is as heavenly a taste combo as you’ll find in all Abruzzo.

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