When we first opened our doors for business in July 2009, the wireless internet service we provided for our guests was fairly basic – but at that time, those who arrived here with computers and/or smart phones were few and far between.

Zapped !With each passing year though, good internet access has become more and more important and to be honest, our system had been struggling to keep up, so one of our little jobs this past winter was to upgrade wireless access in each our three villas.

Not so little as it turned out, but worth it once the task was completed and all working as it should in time for the arrival of 2013’s first guests.

And the new system acquitted itself without a hitch until a big electrical storm on the evening of Saturday May 11 fried the brand new router we’d bought so everyone could get online.

Not only that, but the booster system installed in the villas so that each picks up a good signal got melted as well.

And so did our own phone line. And a phone.

Problem was, we had guests here at the time and with all this happening on a Saturday night, where in southern Abruzzo can you buy a new router on a Sunday so they can continue getting online ?

The answer is you’re not exactly spoiled for choice…

The router I ended up with was made by a company in the Netherlands – and while Dutch football, cheese, tulips, artists, gin, beer and much else besides are rightly world-famous, I don’t think wireless internet routers are ever going to be added to that celebrated list.

It was worse than bad. Five days later, back it went for a refund.

A quick flick through Amazon Italia then produced router number 3 in this saga.

It arrived last Monday, and wow ! It was just terrific ! Worked like a dream, fresh out of the box. By a million miles, the best router I’ve ever owned.

Then this Monday we had another storm and that got zapped as well.

The supreme irony was that as soon as I’d heard the first rumble of thunder, I’d quickly started unplugging the system.

But not quite quickly enough…


Router 4’s on its way. Same model as Router 3. But bizarrely, the price on Amazon Italia had gone down €20 in a week. Which was more than welcome because this little adventure’s started to get just a tad pricey.

(Financial tip:  Buy shares in Asus Computers. They’re rocketing)

I’ve ordered one of those surge protector things too. Twice bitten and all that…

But I’m proud to tell you that through all this, we’ve actually kept our internet access going. When we upgraded our old system, for some reason I held onto the old, antiquated router. Good call as it’s turned out.

As long as all three lots of villa guests stick to surfing and don’t all decide to stream a 3-hour movie in HD and do some heavy-duty online gaming all at the same time, it purrs along just fine.

Bit slow – but then again, so’s everything else in Italy.

New one will arrive early next week.

And the weather’s getting better by the day too.

What else can possibly go wrong ?

Don’t answer that…