Now you too can run a successful holiday rental !It’s funny where little off-hand remarks can lead…

One of the side-effects of having moved from the UK to Italy in 2007, and then started – and built-up – Villasfor2, was that my fly-paper brain accumulated a whole load of very useful…quite useful…and utterly useless information.

Ironic really because unless Pauline and I ever decide to set-up and run another villa rental somewhere (probably unlikely, but who knows ?) 99.9% of all those brain-clogging snippets about this-and-that are never, ever going to get used again.

Or so I thought…

I blame our part-time neighbours here Kurt and Lauren, who divide their time between Seattle, in America’s Pacific north-west, and a beautifully-renovated little town house in nearby Guardiagrele.

Like many (many) of our one-time Vf2 guests, Kurt and Lauren stayed with us; fell in love with the area; and decided they too needed a base here.  

But while a holiday home was fine for them, a good number of our visitors hanker after maybe setting-up some kind of business like ours, and ask me for a few pointers as to how to go about it.

Which if they’re not careful can maybe take more time than they’d bargained for. And which prompted Lauren to remark one day that I should sit down and commit everything to a book.

Which suggestion – natch – went in one ear and out the other, but clearly left a tiny residual note behind in a little-used brain-file entitled, “IDEAS to think about when you haven’t got anything else to do.”

And there is sat for a couple of years or more until this very January, when we were snowed-in and I found myself wondering whether I really did know as much about running a rental as I thought I did.

And if I did, whether it’d be enough to sustain a book.

Two months and some 45,000 words later, the answer seemed to be – Yes.

So anyway – to cut to the chase, it’s out now.

How To Set-Up And Run a Successful Holiday Rental (Anywhere !)

Not much danger of it being mistaken for a murder-mystery, or chick-lit.

Hopefully, you’ll find it pretty much does what it says on the box, taking you through the the process of starting off – as we did – wondering whether running a rental is something we could actually do, right along to finding the right rental property in the right place, and getting it up, running – and hopefully wildly successful !

At present, it’s only available as an e-book for Kindle – (though a paperback version will be out very soon) – and you can find it in any Amazon Kindle Store.

You can dip in and browse the first few pages too…

Just search for David Brenner – or just ‘How to’- in the Kindle Store section, and you should find it.

That’s not quite all though, because there’s an odd little postscript to all this…

Someone else read something else I’d written – and reckoned that might make the basis of a book too.

You know what ? She could’ve be right !

And with a bit of luck, it should be out in time for this Christmas.

I’ll keep you posted…